Match Fixtures

Slaugham Angling Club – Match Fixtures

We have a small but vibrant match group. We hold approximately 12 matches a year and results are points based

1. The Match Secretary is responsible for all match arrangements. Maximum 16 pegs will be available.

2. Matches are held as per the fixture list. The draw will take place one hour before the match is due to commence, unless otherwise advised by the match secretary.

3. Club competitions are pegged. members are to remain at the peg they draw throughout the competition.

4. The water must not be broken before the start of the match, with the exception of placing keep-nets, drawing water to mix ground bait, shotting of floats and plumbing the depth.

5. The match will start and finish on the secretary’s whistle.

6. All keep-nets, landing nets, weigh slings and un-hooking mats must be dipped in the dip tanks prior to fishing.

7. Latecomers must report to the secretary before commencing fishing.

8. All matches are fished from the lake platforms and no member is to fish beyond half-way towards the adjacent platform or more than halfway across the lake.

9. No spinning, live baiting or floating baits are allowed.

10. The scales are available throughout the match and until the final member is weighed in.

11. Fish hooked before the final whistle – members have 15 minutes to land. No dead fish to be weighed in.

12. Members must fish with a minimum of 2 keep-nets, one for carp and large tench. One for all other species.

13. 50lb maximum net limit

14. Points: Winner will receive 10 points, second will receive 9 points and so on down to 1 point. All who weigh in will receive 1 point..

DateMatch Type
June 25thMatch Lake
July 16thMatch Lake
August 20thMatch Lake
Sept 17thMatch Lake
Oct 22ndFurnace Pond (Silvers)
Nov 12thMatch Lake
Dec 10thMatch Lake
Jan 14thMatch Lake
Feb 18thMatch Lake
March 17thMatch Lake
April 21stMatch Lake
May 19thMatch Lake